Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Email Marketing Tip To Help Boost Holiday Sales

Here's a tip for online as well as offline businesses to get a jump on holiday sales. Email marketing is a faster and less expensive way to communicate with your customers as opposed to direct mail. You can create an email campaign in a few minutes and send it with a mouse click! One way to promote your products and services is to have a several coupons or special offers that are time sensitive and loaded in your autoresponder. Try to get at least 10 deals and set up the autoresponder to mail your campaign messages to your subscribers daily. Then send your customers as well as new prospects to your website or capture page and instruct them to complete the form to get your great holiday promotions.
Your deals can be bogo (buy one get one free), discounts, free shipping...whatever makes sense for your business and would be a good holiday offer for your clients.
Another good thing about email marketing and using an autoresponder is that you can easily send a broadcast email to your list. You can find out if they are looking for something in particular or get feedback on your promotions.
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Sondra Carpenter
Internet Marketing Consultant


Monday, November 26, 2012

So, Exactly What Is An AutoResponder?

When you discuss email marketing you'll often hear about how important it is for you to use an autoresponder, so I'll explain that here. An autoresponder is a service that allows a marketer to keep track of customers and prospects. You can use it as a subscription form on your existing site or create what's called a squeeze or capture page to obtain contact information.

When your site visitor fills out information according to what you've requested on your form, the autoresponder then saves their details and sends them an email with whatever report or promotion that you've set up. You can arrange to send an email immediately after your visitor subscribes to your list, then set up different times for the remaining messages in your email campaign.
This automates the communication process, since once you've loaded messages into the autoresponder, you can just sit back and relax. As long as your list members remain subscribed they will continue to receive communications from you through delivery of your autoresponder service.
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Sondra Carpenter
Internet Marketing Consultant

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't Ask For Too Much Information On Your AutoResponder Subscription Form

Basically when setting up your subscription for for your email campaign you'll need a name and email address from visitors that want to subscribe for information through your autoresponder. Although in some cases you may require more details from your subscriber list to cut down on sorting through prospects. For instance I have a real estate related website and I ask the address and how many units are in the owner's building that they wish to sell. This allows me to do do some research before I contact the property owner directly.
For most situations you really just need those two items of information. Often the visitor is busy and won't want to bother with taking time to complete a long form when they don't even know you or what your product or service is about. Also people, particularly in the age of scamming and identity theft online are hesitant to give out any more personal details than they have to.
So respect your visitors time and privacy. It's not a bad idea to put in a notation that their information will be keep private, if that is the case. Plus it doesn't hurt to let them know they can unsubscribe whenever they wish.
Make people feel comfortable about receiving more details on your business and they're more likely to become customers.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better Headlines For AutoResponder Emails

When you're writing content for your list subscribers, don't take them for granted. Make sure that the headlines you write are informative and detailed.

The headline is your opportunity to make an impression, to show that you consistently provide information and value. That's what keeps readers subscribed to your list. Tell a quick story within your headline that accurately describes the content so the audience knows what to expect.

Catchy, funny headlines can attract readers, but still make sure they tie into the material offered in an intelligent way. A sense of humor is fine, but you still want to be taken seriously.

Then provide content applicable to what your subscribers signed up for and offer compelling email messages that inform and educate, not just push for a sale.

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Sondra Carpenter

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Get MLM Leads Using Email Marketing - Part 3 of 3

Make sure that you keep in touch with your MLM subscriber list, at least once a week send a broadcast message through your autoresponder. You'll keep your members interested in your posts by offering tips, tricks, industry updates and news. Don't make every message a sales pitch or they'll lose interest and start unsubscribing. As long as you provide useful information, they'll most likely remain on your list.

Also reach out to them and find out what they'd like to see covered in your posts. That helps give you ideas so you can create content they'll want to read. The longer they remain on your list the more likely they'll become part of your network marketing team!

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Sondra Carpenter

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Get MLM Leads Using Email Marketing - Part 2 of 3

While building your website, make sure you have a page where you've installed a capture form using an autoresponder. This way you'll have the names and emails of targeted visitors to your site that have agreed to receive information on your MLM opportunity.

Write at least 10 messages to be sent to your subscriber list. Discuss your background and your experiences. Cover the benefits, training and support, not just compensation. People will need to feel comfortable with you and get the impression they'll be able to succeed with your network marketing business.

The last part of this series will focus on keeping your audience interested in your posts.

Sondra Carpenter

Friday, March 2, 2012

Get MLM Leads Using Email Marketing - Part 1 of 3

If you're trying to promote your Network Marketing business the biggest challenge is finding leads. And despite whatever your upline says, the friends and family route is really not effective. Trust me on this, I've been in a few MLM businesses before. :0) The real way to build your team is to obtain MLM leads that are targeted. You want people that not only just want to be entrepreneurs, you want them to be interested specifically in YOUR business!

The first part of the process is in building your own website or blog. I know you'll be provided with a replicated site for your business, but stand out from the crowd with your own. You can add more information specific to you and you have more flexibility. You can use free services like weebly.com or search Google for others, just don't have banners all over it, make it look professional. It doesn't have to be huge, but at least 5 pages covering you and the advantages of your opportunity.

The next post will cover an important addition to your site.

Sondra Carpenter