Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't Ask For Too Much Information On Your AutoResponder Subscription Form

Basically when setting up your subscription for for your email campaign you'll need a name and email address from visitors that want to subscribe for information through your autoresponder. Although in some cases you may require more details from your subscriber list to cut down on sorting through prospects. For instance I have a real estate related website and I ask the address and how many units are in the owner's building that they wish to sell. This allows me to do do some research before I contact the property owner directly.
For most situations you really just need those two items of information. Often the visitor is busy and won't want to bother with taking time to complete a long form when they don't even know you or what your product or service is about. Also people, particularly in the age of scamming and identity theft online are hesitant to give out any more personal details than they have to.
So respect your visitors time and privacy. It's not a bad idea to put in a notation that their information will be keep private, if that is the case. Plus it doesn't hurt to let them know they can unsubscribe whenever they wish.
Make people feel comfortable about receiving more details on your business and they're more likely to become customers.
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