Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Email Marketing Tip To Help Boost Holiday Sales

Here's a tip for online as well as offline businesses to get a jump on holiday sales. Email marketing is a faster and less expensive way to communicate with your customers as opposed to direct mail. You can create an email campaign in a few minutes and send it with a mouse click! One way to promote your products and services is to have a several coupons or special offers that are time sensitive and loaded in your autoresponder. Try to get at least 10 deals and set up the autoresponder to mail your campaign messages to your subscribers daily. Then send your customers as well as new prospects to your website or capture page and instruct them to complete the form to get your great holiday promotions.
Your deals can be bogo (buy one get one free), discounts, free shipping...whatever makes sense for your business and would be a good holiday offer for your clients.
Another good thing about email marketing and using an autoresponder is that you can easily send a broadcast email to your list. You can find out if they are looking for something in particular or get feedback on your promotions.
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Sondra Carpenter
Internet Marketing Consultant


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